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Project Description

Data Access Object Generator is a tool that will speed up software development. To date, developers spend a lot of time writing code to connect to database to perform CRUD operations. Some of the developers may write the code wrongly hence it will affects performance and wasting a lot of resources.

DAOGenerator ultimately will generate providers class for developer to consume and manipulate. It is advised that developer to encapsulate all provider methods call within a manager.

2014-10-15 - updates -- minor changes will affect Provider class. This is unavoidable especially when it comes to performance. Kindly please watch this page.

Please refer to the documentation section for further detail on the Database design. Developer must adhere to the design in order to use this tool properly.

2015-12-21 - updates -- will be implementing another way of interaction with database. Current approach of writing query in the code will be avoided. After discussion with number of database engineers and application framework builder, it's best to use stored procedures. Implementation will be done soon. Will try to retain current functionality.

For more detail on how to use DAOGenerator, kindly browse to the Documentation section.

DAOGenerator ultimately will support the the following database
  • mySQL
  • Oracle


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